An Introduction to Color Management Using Spyder Technology’

Lens & Shutter dropped us an e-mail to let us know about Datacolor’s ‘ WEBINAR EVENT


  – An Introduction to Color Management Using Spyder Technology’.

* Join Datacolor for their Webinar Tuesday, December 4, 2012  1:00-2:00 pm EST (10:00-11:00 am PST).

* Learn about tools and techniques featuring the Datacolor Spyder line of products. Getting color managed images is easy with Spyder4, whether you’re viewing them from a monitor or laptop, print, iPhone or iPad. Datacolor will show you how you can improve the appearance and accuracy of color on-screen, get a color-accurate preview of your print in Photoshop or Lightroom, and customize your color workflow for the best results!

* Datacolor Color Management Experts, David Tobie and David Saffir will explain the ins and outs of color management and how to get the most out of your images. An interactive Q&A will take place throughout the webinar to answer any questions.


SPECIAL NOTE: All registered attendees will have an opportunity to win a Datacolor Spyder4Pro! There will also be information with regards to Mail-In-Rebate offers, during the webinar.

It’s always a great time to get out and take photos. We have everything you need to make sure you don’t miss a shot!

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