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Lions Gate Camera Club

c/o Renfrew Community Centre

2929 East 22nd Avenue

Vancouver, BC

V5M 2Y3


E-Mail: Click Here to e-mail the 2017/18 executives below

President – Tony Keen 

Vice President –  Judith Kennedy

Past President – David Wingate

Treasurer – Colin Smith

Secretary-Margaret Hyslop

Projected Images Chair-Vacant

Print Chair-Wes Bergen

Nature Chair – David Wingate

Presentation Chair-Andrew Pugh

Competitions Chair-Murray O’Neill

Workshops Chair – Vacant

Webmaster – Eric Hackman


  1. Brian Halabourda October 27, 2017 at 10:49 am #

    Good morning,

    With the passing of my Mom and Dad, I now have all our old negatives from as far back as the late fifties and early sixties. I thought it would be amazing to bring these negatives to light. I recently discovered (on Amazon) that there are devices that will turn your negatives into positives and then you can save them to your computer as jpegs. But I’m not sure as to how many different sizes they’ll do. I have some negatives from an old Kodak Brownie and I think the width of those are about 65mm. I searched your website for information on these devices because I would like to buy one, a decent one. Do you have any help for me?


    Brian Halabourda

    • LGCCadmin October 28, 2017 at 10:27 am #

      Good Morning Brian
      The unit that would meet your requirement is a photo scanner. These come as basic flat bed units to dedicated photo/film scanners.
      Prices vary considerably as does the performance of units basically the more you pay the better the machine.
      Just search Google – Photo Scanners for more information.

      You might also go into any photography store and speak with the staff one important item you should stress is that your negatives are of varying sizes – my unit came with only one set of film holders for 35mm negatives/slides.
      Some photo stores also provide scanning services which might be less expensive than buying scanner and spending many hours on the process.
      Hope this helps.
      Eric – LGCC

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