Free eBooks!-Updated!

Just an update to the free e-book offer. See description below.


Improve Your Craft Without Buying Gear (or paying a dime for this eBook)!

TEN MORE picks up where TEN left off. The question it addresses is still the same: How can I improve my photography without spending a pile of cash on big lenses and the latest must-have widget? This is a short course in expanding your photography and can be read either on its own or as a companion to TEN.

I am a huge fan of local photographer/publisher David duChemin. His Craft and Vision publishing has great eBooks from excellent authors at a very affordable prices. I have found the content to be excellent value. You now have a chance to pick up three of David’s books that I purchased for free on his website. Try them and let me know what you think.Happy Holidays




Craft & Vision has three great eBooks, all completely free. If you haven’t got yours download them here (and tell the world!)

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