Workshop URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY with Rick Hulbert

March 15, 2018 === Photography with an Architectural Attitude
“Photography is a constant struggle between the search for an honest and true
documentation of reality and the inevitable interpretation, distortion and hoped
for enhancement of reality. The search is noble, but the inevitability is likely
certain . . . and either goal will, thankfully, remain elusive.”
       Richard Hulbert 2010
How does a formal education in architectural and
environmental design influence photography? Rick Hulbert’s
career as a Professional Architect and Urban Designer has
resulted in his unconventional approach to teaching
Rick believes that in the same way architecture is ultimately
for “users”, photography is ultimately for “viewers.” As such,
every photograph is made in response to an ever changing
array of contexts, uses, and technologies . . . and attempts to
create or uncover a “singular defining photographic style”
should recognize those environmental influences.
Whether it is his notion that “buildings are like people,” or his
thoughts about an ideal photograph being like “a room with an
inviting entrance, but with no obvious exit,” Rick hopes to
provide an entertaining presentation that will combine a touch
of learning, sharing, and inspiration for everyone.
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